Valentine treats

Are you wondering what kind of valentine treats to make for your special someone? Well, look no further. Here is a list of treats that anyone would love!

On Annie’s Eats. She has put on a new twist to the regular sugar cookies! What do you think of when you hear Valentine’s Day? Chocolate. Yes she has a recipe for CHOCOLATE sugar cookies! Go here to find that amazing recipe.


At Fourty-Sixth at Grace she took a new twist on pies. Easy to make and even better to eat! Just go here to find the recipe!


Do you love to make cupcakes? I know I do! Who doesn’t love to have mini cakes. They don’t make you regret how much cake you actually ate! Plus I have a secret on how to make a box cake taste even better! But, first I must tell you about the valentine decorative touch! Add some crushed rock candy to the top of the cupcake and give it that sparkle!


Wanna know my secret to a better box cake? I bet you do!
Well here it is:
• look at the directions
• add one more egg or two eggs to make it more rich.
• use melted butter instead of vegetable oil and double the amount.
• use milk instead of water.
• mix well and bake for the time recommended on the box.

That is all you need for a better box cake. It’s that easy! Plus I always get asked if I picked a bakery to bake the cake and I get to say no I am the one who made it!

Head on over to How Does She for a twist on valentine heart cookies! Go here to see what to do!


Over at Roxanne’s Home Baking I found my favorite cheesecake recipe! Brownie bottom cheesecake! I love brownies and cheesecake! So why not put them together and make the best dessert ever! Go here to get this recipe.


Can’t wait until you can go home and try a of these recipes? Trust me they are addicting!!!

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